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Five Weird Refrigerator Facts!

Refrigerators aren’t often thought of as being interesting (unless you run a refrigerator van business like we do), but we know that there is much more to the world of fridges than you’d think. That’s why we at Cool Vans have put together this list of weird refrigerator facts!

We offer the best reefer and refrigerator vans. All of our vans are cutting edge, a step above the competition, and ready for a full day of work. We offer rentals for those who use reefer vans every once in awhile, and reefer van purchases for those who will need a van daily!

There Is a National Clean Your Fridge Day

That’s right, there really is a day for every occasion. On November 14th of every year, refrigerator owners are expected to clean out their fridges. We do hope that this isn’t the only day of the  year that people clean their fridges, but it’s a free country. Much like our refrigerator vans, we think that fridges should be cleaned often for best use. If you need tips for cleaning your refrigerator or refrigerator van, check out our cleaning guide here.

The Largest Fridge in the World is 27 Kilometers Long

That’s right, five hundred feet beneath France and Switzerland there is a near 27 kilometer (~17 mile) long refrigerator. Though it could contain several lifetime supplies of ice cream sandwiches, it is actually where the world’s largest particle accelerator is. Called the Large Hadron Collider, the facility helps physicists run experiments to further their understanding of the way the universe works.

Freon Isn’t in Fridges Anymore

The chemical that most people associate with refrigeration is actually no longer used for it. Freon is considered too environmentally detrimental for consumer use, and cheaper, safer refrigerants like HCFC-22 and HCFC-14 have replaced them. These days freon is only used outside of the US in refrigerators, and even then, it is rare. Our own refrigerator vans haven’t used freon ever. The models that we carry, are some of the most advanced on the market, and we proudly rent them out in the Las Vegas area at very affordable rates.  

There Are Secret Fridges that Protect Plants All Over the World.

These secret refrigerators are dotted in far reaching places like Antarctica, Finland, and Russia. Other ones are even under universities! They were built to hold seeds for long periods after the start of the cold war because genetic engineering was on the rise, and a potential nuclear war could drive away all life. The fridges were built to hold seeds for both research and to replant the earth. Pretty dark, but still cool to know that there are refrigerators out there like this.

Portable Fridges Are Growing in Popularity

Despite the fact that over 8 million fridges are purchased every year in the United States, a growing amount are not the full-size home fridges we normally see. This is because, these days, young adults expect to rent for most of their lives or have taken up semi nomadic or nomadic existence by working on the move from vans or trucks. Using portable fridges is, therefore, easier to move from apartment to apartment or have strapped in the vehicle they live out of. If anyone is looking for a more mobile lifestyle and lives in the Las Vegas area, we sell reefer vans that would make fantastic live-in refrigerated vans, if retrofitted well!

Well, we hope that this article is as entertaining for you as it has been for us! If you need perishables protected in transit or for short term storage, check out our rent or purchase one of our state-of-the-art refrigerator vans!

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Looking for Cheap Van Rentals?

As a savvy business person, you are always on the look-out for ways to save and get better return on your. As an expert in commercial Van and Truck rentals we Special Offers can offer you that ‘cheap’ route and provide greater value for your money.

The Dangers of “Cheap”

There are some companies out there that market their rental vans as “cheap deal” and “a bargain” because they have cut corners. Some of the issues you may face when working with these providers might include:

  • Ignored routine maintenance and critical safety checks
  • Use of inappropriately-sized tyres and replacement components
  • Rental vans that have known safety issues

Tips for Finding Cheap Van Rentals

Save money on your next Van and Truck rental without compromising safety. This is why we offer genuine Special Offers while giving you access to our well-maintained, reliable fleet. Here are some ways you can save on your next rental van:

  • Daily Deals: We offer Daily savings opportunities that change each month. For example, you can get our large van for an unbeatable per day. We also offer Comprehensive Hire Drive Insurance, if required.
  • Midweek Specials: If you are renting a van in the middle of the week, National Truck Rental offers special Discounts on multiple sizes of van rentals.
  • Weekend House Movers Special: For those moving to a new house over the weekend, we have great weekend deals – including our Mini Mover for just €165.

You do not have to worry about safety or reliability.

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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Refrigerated Truck

Long gone are the days of relying on salt and ice to keep your inventory cold. More effective and efficient methods are introduced every year in the form of refrigerated vans and their upgraded features. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which work truck is best for you and your business? With temperature-sensitive materials and products on the line, it’s important to invest in the vehicle that’s perfect for the present business and future growth. Avoid brain freeze by considering the following key points.

1. Types of Refrigeration: Single vs. Multi-Temp and Temp Control

Inside of a reefer truck

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when searching for a reefer is its ability to reach and maintain a constant temperature. But don’t let the specifics get away from you. Depending on your industry, needs may vary drastically from a neighboring business.

Pharmaceuticals such as insulin need to stay between 35°F and 46°F while antiques tend to travel closer to 70°F, for example. A 2015 Ford F450 chassis hooked up to a refrigerated trailer fitted with a Thermo King V300 offers temperature control down to -4°F, but won’t be suited for industries that need a deep freeze. So whether you’re transporting ice cream, flowers, cosmetics, or engineered chemicals, no one knows your products better than you–write down the temperature variables that you need so you can compare it to the specs of trucks you’re looking to buy.

Additionally, depending on the types of goods you’re moving, you might need to consider whether or not you need a truck that can create multiple temperatures in the same trailer. A single-temp trailer will keep the entire space at a steady temperature. These trailers are common and often lighter and less expensive than their multi-temp counterparts.

However, if you need to move mid-temperature goods at the same time as deep-frozen (or any combination of goods that require temps harmful to others in the same trailer) a multi-temperature truck would be a better investment. As the name suggests, it allows you to divide the trailer space into more than one compartment. Doing so effectively lets you make fewer trips while still guaranteeing the integrity of the products on arrival. Many manufacturers such as Supreme release models of both that can be attached to the chassis of your choice from popular OEMs like RAM, GM, Peterbilt, and Ford.

2. Refrigeration Capacity and Distance Travelled

How far you do (or don’t) plan on driving and where you plan to pick up and deliver should have an impact on your decision. An Isuzu chassis pulling a 28’ long Morgan Cold Star might work great for long stretches of straight highway during cross-country travel, but it’s not going to be well suited for the small roads and tight turns of crowded urban cities.

But don’t just err on the side of caution and buy a smaller refrigerated truck either. You want to ensure that it has the capacity to carry the payload you’re expecting to carry as well as having the space to load it. Consider where your business is now and where you plan to be a few years out as well. Refrigerated trucks can be costly, but investing in one that caters to your needs now and down the road can save you time and money in the long run.

As an additional warning, make sure that your preferred chassis matches the spec requirements associated with the body if you’re customizing your new refrigerated truck. If the two don’t match the dealership may not be able to assemble them for you, and even if they can you might run into issues with things like the liftgate not being able to reach the ground. One way to avoid this is by purchasing a chassis/body combo that is already together or recommended by a dealership. But if you prefer to have full customization you should communicate with workers from both parties, or ask your dealership for guidance.

3. Delivery Truck Upfits and a Business Budget

When asked what advice they would give to someone in the market for a new refrigerated truck, one thing that drivers and owners across a variety of industries agreed on was upfits. Specifically, how they affect the truck’s specs.

Say you’ve just bought what you think is the perfect truck. It’s a Supreme Kold King on a 2019 Hino chassis and it’s just the right size to stack three crates of produce side-by-side. But when you go to load your first run you realize that you forgot to take the thickness of the insulation into consideration. Suddenly you can’t carry the same amount of inventory as you expected and it can cut into your bottom line.

And the same can be said of bulkheads and other upfits. While these upgrades can increase efficiency and profits in some ways, you should be mindful of what you’re trading for space. Upfits that affect the quality of thermal regulation or interior space can be especially tricky if you’re unaware of the trade-offs.

When it comes to refrigerated trucks, the key is knowing exactly what you need from the vehicle and going into it with a thorough amount of research. Coming prepared means that you won’t be upsold on features you don’t need, but it also ensures that you won’t undersell yourself or your business by cutting corners on things you do. With the abundance of customizations and constant innovations being introduced, you can absolutely find the perfect fit without breaking the bank.

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How to choose a refrigerated van for your business

Refrigerated vehicles are a necessity within the cold chain, ensuring the protection of products during long journeys. However, when choosing refrigerated vans for your business, it is important to choose the best-suited vehicle for your specific industry requirements. 

Transport for fragile pharmaceuticals 

The survival of the pharmaceutical industry relies on the safe delivery of fragile medicine and vaccines, in order to ensure the safety of the end-user. However, pharmaceutical products, especially those containing blood and plasma, are extremely vulnerable to excessively hot and cold temperatures. Chemical alterations can take place in these products if they exceed their recommended temperature range.

These alterations can either leave a pharmaceutical product ineffective, or in the event of over-freezing, products can cause adverse reactions in patients. Some pharmaceuticals can also be potentially hazardous, and so greater care needs to be taken during handling and transportation.

When looking at refrigerated van hire for healthcare, the most important feature should be efficient temperature control. Pharmaceuticals need to be maintained within a specified temperature range – usually between +2°C and +8°C. All our pharmaceutical vehicles come equipped with Transcan Temperature Recorders, which enable fleets themselves to set, analyse and maintain their cargo’s optimum temperature, placing full control in their hands.

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Top van racking ideas

So it’s a new year and a new you. And for those of you who’ve started a new year’s resolution to tidy the van or get a little more organised, you might have thought about giving your van a facelift by getting some racking for the transit. Well, as van insurance experts we’ve scaled the web far and wide to find you the best ideas for van racking and get you on your way to completing that new year’s resolution.

Wooden van racking ideas

This van racking is in a Vauxhall Vivaro and has really utilised the flooring well to be able to store equipment that’s really long. This would be the perfect van racking for someone who’s storing equipment like van ladder racks, spirit levels, pipes and hoses.

This is a great idea to keep your saws and will cut (no pun intended) through your time spent looking for them in half!

This is a great idea for your regularly used consumables, and this way you can check you’re stock levels with ease!

Fancy a mobile workshop? This van racking even has flooring! It’s managed to implement wire reels and a circular saw, as well as plenty of storage for long wooden panels at the bottom. This is a joiners dream!

Need easy access to some essentials? This is a great way to do it if you have a door at the back too.

Metal van racking ideas

This is a great utiliser of space. It has a roll for paper, a tank with dispenser and plenty of room for cargo in the middle with fitted safety nets to secure the load. Maybe the tank could be used to store a much-needed brew in the morning!

This one has really utilised the space, and of course, after a long hard day working, the golf clubs will inevitably take centre stage to hit the course after work. There’s even a brolly thrown in to cope with the classic British weather.


This is a great way of getting easy access to liquids by utilising the doors!


It’s always good to leave a bit of blank space to be prepared for those miscellaneous objects you come across from time to time. This van has provided drawers and underneath it, a large space for those objects you don’t come across every day.

Why install van racking?

There’s nothing worse than turning a sharp corner and hearing your beloved cargo crash against the panels. Without van racking, you’re often playing Russian roulette with which bit of equipment will be smashing against the panel next. The right van racking can help prevent dents, scratches and help you access your cargo with ease, not only saving you time, but saving you money.


Wood or metal van racking?

Before making your decision, you might want to consider everything that’ll be carried in the transit to ensure that you get the most suitable van racking for your business. You probably have a good idea already in your mind, but this is the time to consider absolutely everything. Mapping out what you’ll carry on an average day and multiplying this by 365 will give you an insight into what you’ll carry year to year. The last thing you want is to have van racking that’s unable to take hold of your supplies. The key questions you’ll need to ask yourself is how frequently you’ll be using individual pieces of equipment, the weight of your load, the size of it and how fragile the equipment might be.

Wood racking

Wood racking is by far the cheaper solution and is a really good option for those of you who just have a small number of tools that need racking away, it’s also argued that the interior of the van is protected much more with wood than with metal. As you’d expect, trades like joinery and carpentry may be more suited to this with the majority of its load being compromised of wood consumables. The downside to wood racking is that wood can be quite heavy and that additional weight can cost you in terms of fuel. You’ll also want to think twice if you regularly carry liquids too as unless you regularly treat the shelving, the water will cause the wood to expand or rot.

Metal racking

Metal racking is more lightweight in comparison to wood depending on which type of metal to use. As you would expect, aluminium will be a lot more lightweight than steel shelving but if you have big bulky equipment you might favour the latter. If you’re going to be storing liquids in your van, its advised that you go for a material such as galvanized steel. Trades that have large heavy equipment will be more suited to metal racking. Metal racking is, however, more expensive than wood racking and unless you’re an expert metal worker, you may need to get this installed by a professional. You can often buy metal van racking sets straight out of the box from many retailers.

Get more information about van ladder racks, just drop your comments in the comment section.

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AM General’s war-ready Gladiator could re-enlist Jeep in the U.S. Army

AM General and Jeep unearthed long-buried ties to turn the Gladiator into a light tactical vehicle for the United States Army. The two companies unveiled a concept named Gladiator Extreme Military-Grade Truck (XMT) during the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army.

The Wrangler-derived Gladiator pickup is an excellent starting point from which to build a lightweight truck for the military, according to AM General. The off-road capacity required to trek through some of the most inhospitable topographies on the planet is already there. AM General explained it upgraded the truck with an array of existing and custom-made accessories, including special seats, bigger tires and a winch. These parts fit a Wrangler, too, but the Gladiator’s cargo box sealed the deal.

The bed allows the Gladiator XMT to perform a variety of duties; it’s even more versatile than the original Willys MB designed for World War II. It can transport soldiers, move up to 1,600 pounds of gear, or be outfitted as a mobile command and control center, among other configurations. The 1967-1969 M715 truck born from the original Jeep Gladiator was equally flexible.

AM General hasn’t released technical specifications. It merely pointed out the concept unveiled during the trade show runs on gasoline, but the military-spec model will also be available with a turbodiesel engine if it sees the light that awaits at the end of a production line. Jeep already announced it will add a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 to the palette of available engines in 2020.

What’s next for the Gladiator XMT, and whether Jeep returns to the front lines, depends on if the U.S. Army places an order for the truck — which would be the first American military use of what we would regard as a Jeep in decades. The CJ-5-based M38A1 was in production until 1971. And if the project receives the green light, it would mark the first time the two companies have worked together in decades as well. Production could begin in the second half of 2020. 

While AM General is best known for making the Humvee, which famously spawned the civilian Hummer H1 released in 1992, it owes its existence to former Jeep parent company American Motors Corporation (AMC). AMC purchased Jeep from Kaiser in 1970 and split it in two the following year. The namesake brand continued making off-roaders like the Wagoneer and the CJ for the general public, while its military-oriented General Products Division morphed into AM General Corp. The rear-wheel-drive DJ van widely used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) was closely related to the CJ, but it was manufactured by AM General between 1971 and 1983.

Federal regulations preventing foreign nations from purchasing a stake in a defense contractor forced AMC to sell AM General to LTV Corporation in 1983 in order to accept a lifesaving investment from Renault, which was — and still is — partially controlled by the French government. This obscure link explains why Hummer and Jeep contentiously shared a similar-looking seven-slot grille.

When you shop for a new ladder rack for vans, always buy the best ladder rack you can afford.If you don’t install the van ladder rack properly, then it cannot do its job.

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Best Car Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning vehicles can be challenging without the right equipment and products. Here are 10 of the best car cleaning supplies for achieving a sparkling look without a trip to the car wash. Pick these items up online at a retailer that offers free delivery on auto parts or look for a convenient store location. Each of the following cleaning supplies should make it easier to maintain the appearance and condition of your ride.

1. Wheel Cleaner and Shine Spray

Wheels almost always end up coated in dirt and other road debris. Using a specialized cleaner or shine spray formulated for the right type of metal will make a difference that is immediately visible.

2. Pre-Treatment

Pre-treating stubborn spots on the glass or paint of a car or truck may make it possible to remove debris without the need for excessive scrubbing. The right treatment should prevent scratches and uneven wear.

3. Foam Wash

It is important to use the best car wash soap for your vehicle. A gentle foam wash that is safe to use on your paint type shouldn’t leave unsightly residue or result in cosmetic body damage.

4. Degreaser

Whether you have recently taken your ride to the shop or you work on it yourself on a regular basis, grease builds up in a number of locations. A degreaser makes it possible to work cleaner and maintain the condition of your vehicle between servicings.

5. Duster

An automotive duster is helpful for removing light coatings of dirt, dust or pollen between washes. Make sure to work carefully with materials that do not abrade paint or clear coat.

6. Detailing Treatments

A number of detailing treatments are available for removing residues from tricky spots. If you are not sure how to clean car windows, particularly door fixtures or weatherstripping, seek specialized expert advice.

7. Headlight Restoration Kit

Cleaning headlight covers can change the way a vehicle appears during the daytime and increase visibility in low-light conditions. Follow the instructions in a kit to boost brightness and clarity.

8. Microfiber Towels

Use a clean, fresh microfiber cloth to clean and dry your vehicle. You can also find automotive towels that prevent water spots, scratches or stray fibers.

9. Cordless Car Vacuum

A cordless vacuum can be helpful for removing dirt and debris from vehicle interiors or fixtures that are difficult to clean by hand. Some automotive vacuums come with useful attachments.

10. Finishing Treatments

You may prefer to use polish or wax to protect and maintain the appearance of your car or truck. Check to make sure that a treatment is formulated for the type of paint on a vehicle and read product labeling and instructions to obtain the intended results.

Stocking up on cleaning supplies will probably add up to more than the cost of a car wash, but you should have everything you need to wash a car or truck multiple times. When you shop at a major refrigerated vans retailer with low prices and free delivery on parts, it may be possible to pick up cleaning supplies in-store on the same day or arrange for fast delivery.