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Looking for Cheap Van Rentals?

As a savvy business person, you are always on the look-out for ways to save and get better return on your. As an expert in commercial Van and Truck rentals we Special Offers can offer you that ‘cheap’ route and provide greater value for your money.

The Dangers of “Cheap”

There are some companies out there that market their rental vans as “cheap deal” and “a bargain” because they have cut corners. Some of the issues you may face when working with these providers might include:

  • Ignored routine maintenance and critical safety checks
  • Use of inappropriately-sized tyres and replacement components
  • Rental vans that have known safety issues

Tips for Finding Cheap Van Rentals

Save money on your next Van and Truck rental without compromising safety. This is why we offer genuine Special Offers while giving you access to our well-maintained, reliable fleet. Here are some ways you can save on your next rental van:

  • Daily Deals: We offer Daily savings opportunities that change each month. For example, you can get our large van for an unbeatable per day. We also offer Comprehensive Hire Drive Insurance, if required.
  • Midweek Specials: If you are renting a van in the middle of the week, National Truck Rental offers special Discounts on multiple sizes of van rentals.
  • Weekend House Movers Special: For those moving to a new house over the weekend, we have great weekend deals – including our Mini Mover for just €165.

You do not have to worry about safety or reliability.


At Commercial Van Solutions, we provide the products and services to meet the demands of your business. Put our experienced, certified professionals to work for you to plan, organize, and upfit vans for any of your business needs. We are not the owner of the content which has been published here. This content is only for knowledge purposes. This content belongs to the respective owners and we do not hold any right for this content.

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